Green Teen Team Ambassador Programme 🙌 💚 🌟 ♻️ ….

Green Teen Team Ambassadors

The role of Green Teen Team Ambassador is a privileged position awarded to Green Teen Team members who display a strong sense of understanding of people and living things and therefore a sense of responsibility for the environment in which they live.

A Green Teen Team Ambassador can use the role to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and conservation with their classmates, friends and family. This can be done in many ways, some suggestions include …. hosting GTT lunches, sleepovers, meetings at GTT project sites. Also raising awareness via social media….

The idea is that the role fits in with the ambassadors life, they are not expected to do anything that will interfere with school or work or family time.

This is a new role and we are testing it with five people for the first year.


Update!! Green Teen Team Ambassador 2017

Thanks to the success of the 2016 Ambassadors programme we are extending he number of ambassadors for 2017.

Sophie Cook – Corrientes, Argentina

“My name is Sophie Cook, and I have been announced as the Green Teen Team ambassador in Argentina.
In my opinion, GTT, is a foundation, that has been working on making young people aware of the environmental situation, so that in the future there may be a stronger knowledge and dedication directed towards nature and conservation in our society. There for I can say that GTT has the very important task which I am committed too, of making our world a better place. It gave me the chance to expand my interest on conservation and protection of wild life, and I hope it can also work out for every body else. I believe that GTT is working on one of the most important steps towards restoration which is the development of global importance and interest.”

Sydney Dragon – Texas, USA

“I’m Sydney Dragon and a senior in high school in the U.S. I have always loved nature and I believe the conservation of wildlife is the way to maintain biodiversity on Earth. GTT is working to expand their projects in conservation and make a difference, so I knew that I wanted to support them. While in high school, I gained 70 hours at my local animal shelter volunteering, and I was the president of our biology club. Also, I am apart of our HOPE (Help Our Planet Earth) club in which we recycle cans and bottles for the school. I am interested in wildlife, conservation and rehabilitation.”

Francesca Bosco – Mantova, Italy

“Ciao, mi chiamo Francesca, ho 10 anni e abito in provincia di Mantova. La mia più grande passione sono gli animali e la natura e dal 2015 sono membro della Green Teen Team Foundation. Ho conosciuto la GTT al Parco Natura Viva di Bussolengo durante una delle numerose attività proposte dal Parco.

Quando mi è stato proposto di farne parte ho accettato senza esitazioni, e da quel momento ho potuto condividere questi miei ideali con altri ragazzi.

L’episodio che più mi ha colpito (tra i tanti messi in atto) è stato il progetto per la raccolta di bottiglie di plastica; abbiamo potuto assistere a tutto il percorso che compie una semplice bottiglia dall’inserimento nell’apposito raccoglitore fino alla fabbrica per il riciclaggio. Un nostro piccolo gesto come gettare la plastica negli appositi contenitori è molto importante per la conservazione di questo nostro fantastico mondo e per migliorare la qualità della nostra vita futura.”

Filippo Sandri – Verona, Italy

“I am very proud to be the first member of GTT and first GTT Ambassador and where I am I try to give a message of conservation. I am talking with my friends about GTT and about the importance of paying attention to the world around us. I am in contact with animals from the beginning of my life because grandparents have animals with them and they like animals. My father is a vet and he works with animals everyday. When I have time I like to stay with the animals and to work for them.”

Mady Miyamatsu – Paris, France

“It is an honour to be one of the ambassadors of the Green Teen Team.
The Green Teen Team, was created by H.S.H Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein. It’s beautiful to see that at this young age Theodora believes that we can all make changes in our lives to help save the planet’s biodiversity, even children.
During summer the Green Teen Team organises summer camps, one of the best memories I have.
It is impressive to see all these children being united and curious about the biodiversity, and realise that simple things can make a change. I love the idea of the Green Teen Team by the fact that in the world that we are living now, I believe the messages more to change the situations comes from young people that are reunited in a team to help the planet.”

Luca Goddijn, Verona, Italy

“Hi, my name is Luca Goddijn, I’m 12 years old and live in Verona, Italy. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and I travelled a lot.

I like playing football (soccer), video games and taking a walk in the countryside; I am not sure what I want to become when I am an adult, maybe I’d like to be an astronomer.

I joined the Green Teen Team Foundation 2 years ago, in 2015; I chose to become a member in order to make the world a better place and help to save its animals and its nature”.


Rodolphe De Grunne, Brussels, Belgium

“Being a GTT ambassador: I would like, with the wonderful help of Green Teen Team, to represent my country in its efforts to protect the fauna and flora in Belgium. There is a lot to do and I would like to meet Tanguy Dumortier, the anchor man of the fabulous TV show “Le jardin extraordinaire” to see with him what can I do.”