Anevoka Primary School Project, Maromizaha, Madagascar.

Another new project we will be working on in 2016 was initiated with a GTT donation to provide riceĀ  for the children of Anevoka primary school in Madagascar for the whole of 2016.
The school is in an area called Maromizaha which is 150km east of Antananarivo and has been officially recognized as a New Protected Area (NAP) by the Madagascar Ministry of the Environment in 2015. This is credited to the 10 year long programme run by the University of Turin’s Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology in collaboration of Parco Natura Viva.
The initiative will become part of ongoing work to involve and educate communities in the importance of biodiversity and the protection of many endangered species in the area and the country.


GTT is happy to announce that they have been able to raise the funds to sponsor the rice for the Anevoka Primary School provisions for one further year. Thank you to all the supporters and donators who have made this possible!! ????



You can find the Anevoka report on the downloads page here